Becky Potes took her Bachelor’s degree major in Accounting at the Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines. In 1967, she came to the United States to join her husband.

She worked for 11 years at the former Santa Fe Railway and in 2001, she decided to allow herself to experience the entrepreneurial spirit of running her own business. She capitalized on her extensive experience to provide employers in the United States excellent and dedicated local as well as international professionals who have proven themselves in their respective disciplines. She is quite proud to say she has been very successful in achieving her goals. Employers have been very satisfied with the professionals she has placed at their respective companies.

Our professionals are carefully chosen from among the myriad of candidates that go through a rigorous interview process. Once the applicant is chosen, pertinent documents (i.e. resumes, portfolios) are sent to various interested employers for the review. Full support is provided to our professionals from start as we help guide each individual to the first date of employment. We at JobAlive work hard to guarantee the quality of our professionals and strive to ensure a "perfect fit" between employer and employee.